Common progesterone deficiency symptoms

Progesterone deficiency can begin ten to fifteen years before a woman’s actual menopausal stage. Testosterone levels decrease and then progesterone follows. Many women are unaware of this because it is hardly even mentioned in reproductive health classes or stated in medical books. Even medical professionals are unfamiliar with this situation until they’ve encountered a case of pre-menopausal progesterone deficiency. Progesterone deficiency symptoms should be taken very seriously especially if a woman wishes to bear a child, and these symptoms can be cured with a progesterone cream.

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Many women start feeling slightly different when they reach their 40’s. This is usually when progesterone levels decrease and progesterone deficiency symptoms show themselves. Aside from menopause, there are other reasons as to why a woman’s progesterone level decreases. Stress, the use of anti-depressants, too much sugar intake, consuming saturated fats, deficiency of vitamins A, B6, C, and zinc, decrease in thyroid hormone, and progestin found in birth control pills are some factors that cause low progesterone production in women. If you suspect that you lack progesterone, make the necessary changes in your lifestyle, so that you can alleviate the effects of having low progesterone levels.

Here are a few progesterone deficiency symptoms one should watch out for:

If you notice changes in your behavior or personality, low progesterone levels may be the culprit. Hormone levels can affect a woman’s emotional and mental state very drastically. Some signs are anxiety, depression, intense mood swings, irritability, and difficulty sleeping. If you have any of these signs, then you might have low progesterone levels.

Aside from these signs and symptoms, having low progesterone levels can manifest in other (more uncomfortable) ways. It can even take its toll on your body. Osteoporosis, body pain, inflammation of joints, increase in HDL cholesterol, fibroids, and fibrocystioc disease of the breast are also some warning signs to take very seriously.

Other symptoms are excessive weight gain and the inability to lose the said weight, heavy menstruation flow, tenderness of the breast, frequent bloating, gas, indigestion, migraines, head aches, and snoring. For women who want to bear children, early miscarriage and infertility can be the result of progesterone deficiency. This is because progesterone makes sure that the uterus is well-protected during pregnancy and conception.

If you have any of these signs or symptoms, you should consider using a progesterone cream. I will help you overcome most and perhaps even all of these symptoms.

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