Natpro progesterone deficiency cream – a review

When I found out that I was now experiencing menopausal symptoms and progesterone deficiency
(I needed to confirm that I was in my menopausal stages! I didn’t want to believe it at first!), I was experiencing swelling, weight gain, depression, you name it. I could say that I have suffered all menopause and progesterone related symptoms. Because of this, I immediately asked friends and trusted health care providers about what products I should use to help alleviate my problems. Almost all of them recommended progesterone cream, and after reading positive and sometimes overly-enthusiastic testimonials about Natpro online, I was convinced that I should give it a try.

The cream is quite affordable. Right now they have a special offer where you can get three tubes with 60 grams of cream for $69, and I doubt you will find a high quality product for such a low price anywhere else. Each tube is adequate for a month’s usage. Of course, how long each tube will last depend on how much cream you need. Needless to say, it is still a great buy because of its efficacy.

Since I purchased the cream, I have been using it religiously. I can truly say that I am relieved from all the menopausal symptoms I’ve experienced before I started using the product. However, whenever I encounter stressful situations, I feel some of the symptoms coming back. To improve my condition, I simply use more progesterone cream and voila! I feel better again!

 Another perk of using Natpro is that I don’t have to use large amounts when applying it. A thin film over the skin will actually do, and it still delivers great results. That’s why I manage to use all three tubes in a span of four months, instead of three!

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I also like the cream a lot because it is created in a very humane way. It contains no ingredients taken from animals, and it is also not tested on them. Natpro is an all-natural product. It is made of ingredients derived from vegetables and it copies natural progesterones found in a woman’s body.

I’m very particular when it comes to the products I apply on my body, so if you’re still skeptical about what the cream contains, here’s a run down of the ingredients in it:

Spring water, organic virgin macadamia oil, 2000 mg of natural progesterone, organic citrus extract, glyceryl stearate, vegetable glycerine, sodium borate, cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl glucoside, vitamin E, titanium dioxide, and silver chloride are what make up Natpro progesterone cream. This has been Natpro’s original formula since 1996, when it was first developed and distributed. It’s also great to know that the makes of Natpro are all committed to improving the product in order to make it safer and healthier for its patrons.

Natpro progesterone cream is truly an effective product. If you’re experiencing progesterone deficiency whether you’re pregnant or menopausal, it can surely help you out with eliminating several discomforts. It’s effective, economical, healthy, and humanely made.

I now understand why many of my friends and health care providers swear by it.

(Click here to read more about Natpro progesterone cream)

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